Portal Scheduled Maintenance

As we knows that GoldenChoco Portal had been slow to access since its get updates from the last Themes. So, we'll change the portal themes with the new one. Meanwhile we are testing the new themes for the smoothness access, we'll inform that portal now been closed for a while. All information on the main domain of GoldenChoco (http://www.goldenchoco.web.id) aren't accessible, but all services on secondary domain such as, forums, GMV, GC Gallery are remain accessible and work properly. Keep in touch with us if you want to access to our content on main portal by contacting us to our forums (www.goldenchoco.web.id/board/). Thanks for your kindness and patient. We'll looking forward to the new look of our portal too, so please be back again soon. ETA for testing the new themes is about 4 days.



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